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South Florida is America’s hottest market at the moment. With property demands steadily growing again every year, buying real estate could definitely be a fortuitous venture as it is historically known as one of the safest and sometimes best investment one can make.

However, not all investments are created equal and it is essential that you receive proper guidance from a team with experience in this department before making that commitment.

Sky House specializes heavily in residential, commercial and business opportunity investments and have executed a plethora of successful deals in each. We work with some of the best financial advisors in the industry to insure all of our clients are educated and well informed on all possible transactions that may or may not take place.

What separates us from other companies is that we are not a firm looking to close on every deal that pops up. Not every investment is a good decision and sometimes it’s best to not do anything for the time being. We take pride in seeing this to be true as it is part of our core values and mission statement here at Sky House.