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Coral Gables, Florida its identity as “The City Beautiful.”

Tree-lined boulevards, fountains, and winding roadways give Coral Gables, Florida its identity as “The City Beautiful.” Coral Gables’ giant swooping banyan trees and wide-open streets make it one of the most desirable and old-fashioned neighborhoods in the area. In fact, Coral Gables didn’t evolve organically like much of Miami; George Edgar Merrick planned it in the 1920s..

The Neighbors

One of the most desirable and old-fashioned neighborhoods in the area.
Shoppers flock to fine boutiques and specialty stores along Coral Gables’ Miracle Mile to find the hottest new styles and the best in traditional artisanal products at specialty stores like leather goods and bridal shops

The Lifestyle

Coral Gables restaurants appear on the culinary map for a variety of cuisines.
Their elegant ambience and exacting service are taken for granted in Coral Gables, Florida – a city dedicated to fine living.

Pet Friendly Neighborhood

If dog is man’s best friend, then Miami is a dog’s best city
With its plentiful outdoor dining venues and its dog parks galore, Coral Gables is a dog friendly place.


Stop by Coral Gables on a Friday night...
and you’ll stumble into one of the city’s most popular happy hour spots.


Construction of buildings is another source of traffic in the area
A combination of traffic and limited parking,

What to fall in love with

Live music, festivals, galleries, theater and a tropical garden are all waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.
A visit to Coral Gables wouldn’t be complete without a meal at one of the quaint and delicious neighborhood restaurants

Coral Gables Statistics

Coral Gables is an area in Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County, Southeast Florida, Florida with a population of 126,522. There are 60,348 male residents living in Coral Gables and 66,175 female residents. The total number of households is 48,811 with 2.58 people per household on average. Total household expenditures in Coral Gables are above the national average.

Family Households 66%
Male Population 47%
Female Population 52%
White Collar 69%
Blue Collar 31%

Take a look to the City Beautiful, Coral Gables

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