CitiBike – Clever Branding

As our city transforms into the metropolis it was always destined to be and local traffic becoming the most obvious victim of it, Citi-Bike has provided tourists as well as locals with quick and easy transportation around our cities most densely populated areas. It is a bike sharing rental service that allows customers to rent a bicycle from one station and drop it off at another with 30 minutes of riding in between. The option for more time can be purchased at the time of renting the bike. It is similar to the cities current Car2Go service but on two wheels and using good ole’ fashion cardio instead of gas or electricity.

Currently a hit in New York, Citi-Bike is already seeing strong results in the Magic City according to Elyssa Gray, Citi’s director of brand and advertising. It has added hundreds of stations and thousands of bikes covering most areas of Downtown, Brickell, Little Havana and even Coconut Grove. South Beach has been using them for a few years now as DecoBike and there is nothing to suggest that it has been anything other than a hit there.

Although it originally began as a marketing program by Citibank, it does come with plenty of benefits to both commuters and those who simply wish to “see the sites.” With the parking lots that used to be called Brickell Avenue or Biscayne Boulevard, riding a bicycle is not only more practical, it’s almost necessary. According to Matt Johnson, who lives in Brickell, “Ever since they put these things in, I’ve rented one at least 6 times a week. Getting to work without it was a nightmare.”

With more and more roads being closed down due to the construction of Brickell City Centre and various other developments, riding a bike might be the way of future, and thanks to clever branding by a world renown bank, Citi-Bike is already there.

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